Copy a Document Template

You can create a new template using an existing document template. For example, you can copy a standard document template and then use the copy as a starting point for creating your own template.

We recommend that you copy a standard document template even if you're creating a document that doesn't resemble the standard. By copying the standard, the system will automatically save the template in the correct location, set up the connection between the MS Word document and Vista, and create the template information in Vista.

To copy a standard template:

  1. Open the PM Create & Send Templates form and select File > Copy Document Template.
    The PM Copy Document Template form displays.
  2. In the Source Template field, select the source template to copy or press F4 to select from a list of valid templates.
  3. In the Destination Template field, enter a name for the new template.
  4. In the Location field, specify where you would like the template stored. Press F4 to select a location from a list.
    Note: If you select the wrong location and save the document template, you can use the PM Transfer form to move the document to the correct location.
  5. The File Name field will display the name of the file that will be created. You can change the file name, but it must have a .dot extension.
  6. If you want to prevent future changes to the new template, select the Set Document as Read-Only check box (disabled for VRL Cloud).
    Note: If later you decide you want to make changes to a read-only template, save the changes to a new template.
    If you are going to modify the new template after it is created, leave this check box unselected. Once the copy process is complete, you can modify the template using the PM Create & Send Templates form.
  7. Click Copy to create the new document template.
You can now modify your new template to meet your specific needs. For more information, see Edit a Custom Template.