About Distribution Groups/Default Distribution

You can save time when using the Create and Send feature by using distribution groups and default distributions.

If there is a group of several PM contacts that receive emails generated by the Create and Send feature, there are two features that can help you save time and reduce data entry when sending emails:

  • Distribution Groups - Use the PM Distribution Groups form to add several contacts to a distribution group. This can be a private grouping that is only available on your user account, or a public grouping available to all users. When you create an email using the Create and Send feature, you can add the distribution group to the email, which will automatically populate all of the contacts in the group on the email. Distribution groups can be used on any project.

  • Default Distributions - Use the Firms tab on the PM Projects form to set up distribution defaults for a specific project. When the documents of a specific type are created, the contacts set up as the default distribution for that type will automatically populate on the email.

    For more information, see PM Assign Distribution Defaults Form.

If you are not sure whether to use Distribution Groups or Default Distributions, consider this:
  • All projects, or a specific project? - Distribution groups can be used on any project, but default distributions only apply to specific projects. This means that if the group of contacts should be available on any project, you should set it up as a distribution group. If the group of contacts only applies to a specific project, then you should probably set it up as a default distribution.
  • Private? - Distribution groups can be public or private, which means that you can create distribution groups that only display on your user account.