Generate the Project Document

You can generate a document from any Project Management form that supports the Create & Send feature.

  1. Open any form in the PM module with the Create and Send feature ().
  2. Open the record that will be used to generate the project document. For example open a PO change order in the PM PO Change Orders form.
  3. Open the Distribution tab and validate that there is at least one contact with a To in the Send Type column.
  4. Select > Create document from template in the toolbar at the top of the form.
  5. The PM Create Document From Template form will display.
  6. Use the Template field to select the document template to generate.
    The options will vary depending on how you launched PM Create Document From Template. For example only RFI document templates will display if you launched it using the PM Request For Information form.
    For more information about creating document templates, see PM Create & Send Templates Form.
  7. Complete the Select Document Creation Type section.
    • Attach document to parent - Select this option to attach the generated document to the parent record. For example if you launched this form using PM Request For Information, the generated document will be attached to the selected RFI. Once this option is checked, enter the name of the file. The file extension must be .docx.
    • Save generated document - Select this option to save the generated document to your workstation. Once this option is checked use the Save As button to select where the project document will be saved.
  8. Check the Open Created Document in Word box to open the generated project document using MS Word.
  9. Click the Create button to generate the project document.
  10. A information message will display.
  11. Click Close or use the form to generate another project document.