Step 6: Send and track the email

  1. Once the communication is ready, click the Send button on the PM Send Documents form.
  2. A separate status window will display for each unique set of project documents that are being generated. You can continue working in Vista while the emails are being generated and sent.
  3. Once the emails are sent, use the Distribution Audit () feature on the source record to view the communication history.

    Use the Distribution Audit () feature to view:

    • All of the documents generated using the Create and Send feature - for example change orders, RFIs, drawing logs, project issues, etc.

    • Any communications sent using the Create and Send feature- for example if you resend a document to a project contact.

    • Click here for more information.

  4. Optional: Use the email integration feature to track the project emails. This feature has not been integrated with the enhanced Create and Send. More
  5. You can view the created transmittal using the About the PM Transmittals Form form. You can use the Related Items () feature to see the project documents that were bundled with the transmittal.