Assign a Project Template

You can assign project templates to a job to control the document templates that can be selected when creating documents from a template for the project.

To assign one or more document templates to a project:
  1. Open the PM Assign Project Templates form by clicking on the Distribution Templates () icon on any PM form with the Create and Send feature.
  2. Select a Project.
  3. From the Document Category drop-down menu, select the document category.
  4. From the Document Type drop-down, select the document type.
    Note: Select <All Document Types> if you want to assign a template to all of the document types associated with the selected Document Category. For example if you have a document template that should be used to generate all RFI documents but you have several RFI document types, select <All Document Types>. For more info, see More
  5. In the Available Templates section, select the document template(s) by clicking on the button to the left of the Template column.
    Hold down SHIFT to select a range of consecutive templates or hold down CTRL to select non-consecutive templates.
  6. Click Add to add the selected templates to the Assigned Templates section. Only the templates in the Assigned Templates section will be applied to the project.
  7. If a document template should be used as the default for the selected document category and document type, select the Default check box in the Assigned Templates section.
    For example, if you use three PCO document templates and one will be used a majority of the time, add all three to the Assigned Templates section and select the Default check box next to the template that will be used most often. If you have only one document template selected in the Assigned Template section, you should set it up as a default.
    When this check box is not selected, the document template displays in the list of available templates when users are generating the project documents.
  8. Click the Apply button when complete.

PM Assign Project Templates Form

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