Assign Distribution Defaults

Define what documents a contact should receive by default.

  1. Open the Assign Distribution Defaults form by clicking on the Distribution icon () in the toolbar at the top of most forms in the PM module and then select Distribution Default from the menu that displays.
  2. Select a Document Category.
  3. Select a Document Type.
    Document types are created and maintained by your organization using the PM Document Types form. Select the All Document Types option if the contact should be a distribution default on all document types of the selected category.
  4. (Optional): Press F4 in the Firm field and select a PM firm.
    Use this field to restrict which contacts display in the Available Contacts section in the lower portion of the form. For example, if only the contacts at a certain PM firm should receive documents of the selected document category and type, select that firm in this step.
  5. In the Contact Type drop down, select which contacts the Available Contacts section should display.
    • Project Firm Contacts - Select this option if only project firm contacts should display in the Available Contacts section. A project firm contact is a contact that has been associated with the project using the PM Project Firms form, or the Firms tab on the PM Projects form.
    • Firm Contacts - Select this option if all PM firm contacts should display in the Available Contacts section. These are all of the PM module contacts that have been set up using the PM Firm Contacts form.
    • Distribution Groups - A distribution group is a user-defined collection of contacts that you regularly group together and send correspondence to - for example a group of contacts that receive submittals. Distribution groups are created and maintained using the PM Distribution Groups form. When you select this option, all of the distribution groups that you have created will display in the Available Contacts section, and all public distribution groups created by other users.
  6. Highlight the contacts in the Available Contacts section. Use CTRL or SHIFT to highlight multiple contacts at the same time.

    If the Exclude from Lookups check box on the PM Firm Contacts form is selected, contacts do not display in the Available Contacts section.

  7. Use the Add, Add All, Remove, and Remove All buttons to change the contacts selected in the Assigned Contacts section.
    Note: When you assign a contact to all document types, only one record is created in the Assigned Contacts section, that is, a single record that associates the contact with all document types. Be careful when using the Remove button because removing that record will remove the contact from all document types, not just the document type currently selected in the Document Type field.
  8. Click Apply to save the selections.
Assign more distribution defaults or close.