Create a Document Location

Create a document location using the PM Create & Send Locations form.

Note: Your company's Vista deployment method affects which actions you should take on this page. Your deployment method is shown at the bottom of the Main Menu in the status bar.
Template locations are where document templates are stored. To create a document location in the PM Create & Send Locations form:
  1. Click the New Record icon.
  2. In the Location field, enter a name for the new location.
  3. The Document Path field identifies where the document templates will be stored. Your deployment method dictates what action you should take in this field:
    Deployment methodRequired Action
    VRL CloudDo not make a selection or enter anything. Skip this step.
    LAN, VEC, or VFCUse the Browse button to navigate to and select the directory location on the network.
    LAN and VRL on-premisesThe directory you enter must be subdirectory of the directory defined in the API Settings tab of the Viewpoint Configuration form located on your app server. If you don't know what's been defined, ask your system administrator.
    VRL on-premises onlyDo not make a selection or enter anything. Skip this step.
    Important: Do not use the standard Viewpoint document templates directory (Viewpoint Repository\Document Templates\Standard). If you do, each time you install a new release, the update will overwrite this directory, thereby removing your custom templates.

    Instead, save your custom templates to the Viewpoint Repository\Document Templates\Custom\<your_custom_name> directory.

  4. Click Save.
Once the document location is saved:
  • if you want to copy a standard document template and paste it into the new location, use the PM Copy Document Template form.
  • if you want to move existing customized templates to the new location, use the PM Transfer form.