Create a New Signature

You can create custom signatures to use when sending emails using the Create & Send feature.

Each user that will be using the Create and Send feature should create their own custom signature.
  1. Using any PM module document form (PM Other Documents, PM Request For Information, etc.), click on the Create and Send icon () in the toolbar at the top of the form.
  2. The PM Send Documents form will display.
  3. Click on the new Signatures option () at the top of the form and select Signatures from the menu that displays.
  4. The PM Signature Setup form will display.
  5. Enter a '+' in the Sequence field.
  6. Use the Signature Title field to name the signature, for example "Standard". This will be used to select the signature.
  7. Check the Use as default signature in message body box if the signature should be added to all communication that you generate.
  8. Use the text field in the lower portion of the form to create the email signature.
    Adding images to your signature

    Adding an image to your signature can be a little tricky, and the text field does not support transparency in an image. For example if you have a logo in a .png file with a transparent background, the transparent portion of the image will generally change to black. To fix this, you can use a graphics editing tool to replace the transparent portion of the image with white and then paste the modified image into the signature field.

    1. Open the image in a graphics editing tool, for example MS Paint.
    2. Copy the image.
    3. Click the Paste icon () above the text field on the PM Signature Setup form.
    4. The image is added to the signature.
      Adding a link to your signature

      Currently you cannot add a link to your signature, for example a link to your corporate website or LinkedIn profile.

  9. Click on the Save icon () when complete to save the new signature.