PM Create & Send Settings Form

Use this form to configure some of the Create and Send feature settings.

The Email Subject Line section is used to set up the default subject line of the selected document category. This allows you to automatically add document information to the subject line. For example when setting up the default subject line of the RFI document category, you can configure it to automatically include the project and RFI number. For detailed information about this fiels, see the Subject Line F1 help.

The Document File Naming Convention section is used to set up the default file name of the selected document category. For more information, see Document File Naming Convention.

The CC List tab is used to define a custom format for courtesy copy (cc) lists. Once you clear the Use Viewpoint Standard CC List check box, the CC List text box is enabled. Using the PMFM- Firm Master and/or PMPM - Firm Contact list boxes, select the fields to use when displaying the CC list for a generated document.

The information entered here only controls the information shown for each contact flagged for CC in the distribution list of the originating form. It does not control the contacts included in the CC list of the generated Word document, or the Cc line of the resulting email/fax.

To see a sample of what the CC list format will look like, click the Test CC List button. The Test Results window displays, showing you how the values will appear in the CC section of the document.

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