PM Merge Column Order Form

Use this form to change the order of the merge fields and table merge fields on a document template.

You can open this form by clicking the Reorder Merge Columns button on PM Create & Send Templates.

Note: If the Reorder Merge Columns button isn't enabled, return to the Grid tab of PM Create & Send Templates , highlight a template name, and then return to the desired template name. This should enable the Reorder Merge Columns button.

The columns displayed in the selection box on PM Merge Column Order will depend on which grid had focus when you accessed this form. If focus was on the Merge Fields grid, list will include all merge fields for the document template. You can change the merge order for any of the listed columns; however, it is important to note that changing the merge order for the merge fields only changes the order in which they appear in the ‘Insert Merge Fields’ list for the document template. It does not affect the order in which the fields appear in the actual document.

If focus was on the Table Merge Fields tab, list will include all columns for the template’s Word Item Table. However, in this case, the merge order does affect the order in which the data related to the merge field appears in the Word item table. It is therefore important that if you change the merge order for table merge fields, that you also change the position of the corresponding column in the Word table. (See Editing the Document Template in Related Topics below for more information.)

To change the order of a merge field or table merge field, select the desired column and move it to the desired position. Once you have finished repositioning the desired columns, click the Update button to update the merge order in PM Create & Send Templates. You will note that the merge order values will reflect the new positions.

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