About Collating Multiple Documents into a Single PDF Document

When generating project documents, you can specify whether to combine multiple documents into a single PDF or have each document created as a separate PDF.

The Collate into single PDF document check box on the Documents tab of the PM Send Documents form determines what is included in the PDF generated by the Save Document As, Attach Document To Source, and View Document options.

By default, this check box is selected. If you leave this check box selected, the system combines all documents, reports, and attachments included in the email into a single PDF document.

If this check box is not selected, the system creates a separate PDF for each generated document and report on the Documents tab. The associated attachments will also be added to the communication as separate documents (standalone attachments).

You can also use the Document Builder (Doc Builder button on the Documents tab) to group the attachments with the generated documents or reports. This will add the attachments to the end of the generated PDFs.

To set up an attachment as a standalone, click on the Doc Builder button on the Documents tab of the PM Send Documents form. This will open the PM Send Document Builder form. Open the Document Order tab, and then drag and drop the attachment down to the Standalone Attachments section.