About Correspondence Methods

The correspondence method of each contact displays as an icon next to the contact name in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields on the Message tab. This determines the type of correspondence that is created for the contact.

  • Email () - The email and generated PDF(s) will be sent to the contact when the Send button on the PM Send Document form is clicked. The email address of the contact is set up using the Email field on the PM Firm Contacts form.

  • Print () - The generated PDF(s) will be printed using the default printer set up on your workstation. The information in the Subject and Message fields on the Message tab of the PM Send Documents form will not be included in the communication.

  • Fax () - The correspondence is sent using the fax number set up on the contact (PM Firm Contacts> Info tab> Fax or Formatted Fax field), and the fax server set up using the PM Company Parameters form (PM Company Parameters> Info tab> Fax Server Name field).