PM Document Tracking Grids Form

Use this form to define and manage the view grids and grid columns for each document tracking view you set up in PM Document Tracking Views.

Note: You must create a document tracking view before you can edit it using this form. Document tracking views are created using PM Document Tracking Views.

This form determines the grid columns that display when the document tracking view is used in PM Document Tracking.

Grid forms are automatically added when you create a new view and represent the various tabs displayed in the PM Document Tracking form. Each grid form identifies a type of document that can be tracked. You cannot add or delete grid forms—you can only modify the grid title and control which columns are displayed on the grid.

Each grid form defaults a standard Tab Page Title. You can change or modify the tab page title as necessary; however, it is suggested that you keep your titles as minimal as possible. The longer your titles are, the wider you may need to resize the PM Document Tracking form in order to see all tabs in the row.

The Grid Columns tab is used to define the columns displayed on each tab in the PM Document Tracking form. Each tab contains 'key' and 'non-key' columns. Key columns are columns that display to the left of the splitter bar (for example, the Submittal Type, Submittal, and Rev columns on the Submittals tab). You cannot change, delete, or reposition key columns, so you will not have access to them in this form. Non-key columns are columns that display to the right of the splitter bar (for example, the Description, Sub Firm, and Firm Name columns on the Submittal tab). You can change, delete, and reposition these columns as needed. You can also add additional columns based on the tables available for each tab. For information about adding columns, see About Adding Columns to a Grid Form.

You can also reorder grid columns to change their display order. For more information, see PM Doc Tracking Column Order Form.

If there are certain columns you don't want displayed, you can remove them from the grid form; however, they are not deleted from the table, so you can add them back in if needed. For more information, see About Deleting Columns.