PM Issues Form

Use the PM Issues form to create and maintain project issues - for example the discovery of a large boulder during excavation or foundation work.

Project issues provide a structured way to track possible problems or issues. Once a project issue is created, you can use the Create and Send feature to generate an issue log document and send it to a list of project contacts, or you can leverage the project issue information to create an RFI or Pending Change Request.

Once you create an issue, you can use the Create & Send feature to create a project issue document and send it to a list of project contacts. You can use the Distribution tab to select which contacts should receive the documents you create. You must have at least one contact on the tab before you can use Create & Send.

For more information about creating project documents, see About Generating & Editing Project Documents. For more information about Create & Send, see About the Create and Send Feature.

You can also create other documents from the project issue (for example, an RFI or PCO) using the Create Related option () at the top of the form. The system will create the selected document based on the information entered on the project issue. Once the document is saved, the system automatically links the document and project issue using the Related Items feature. For more information see Related Information below.