PM Daily Logs Form

Use the PM Daily Logs form to track everything that happens at the job site each day, and then print the PM Daily Project Log report.

Daily Logs are tracked by project, date, and a unique number, so you can have multiple logs for a given date (say, if you have multiple superintendents).
You can enter header information, which includes the weather, wind velocity, and temperature for the day. The Weather button provides a link to the Google weather site. When clicked, the weather site is accessed for the project's city and state (as specified in PM Projects) or zip code (if no city/state specified). If no city, state, or zip code is specified, site is accessed without criteria, but will require entry of a city or zip code.
Note: You can copy an existing daily long into a new log via the PM Copy Daily Log, accessible from the PM Daily Logs form, by selecting File > Daily Log Copy

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PM Copy Daily Log Form