Material Buyout Overview

Material buyout is the process of buying materials from suppliers. This process creates a purchase order in the PO module.

You can also create a PO using the PO module, but the purchase order information will not be available in the PM module. By entering the PO in the PM module and then interfacing it with the PO module, the PO information is available in both the PM and PO modules.

The material buyout process has four basic steps. Click on the links below the diagram to view more information about each step.

Once a purchase order is created, you can change an item on the PO, or create a new item for an existing PO using a PO change order(POCO). For more information, see PO Change Orders Overview.

Step 1: Enter PO Detail Information

Step 2: Enter PO Summary Information

Step 3: Generate the PO

Step 4: Interface the PO