PM Contracts Form

Use this program to set up and maintain contract information.

Information entered here automatically updates JC Contracts, since both programs share the same file (JCCM). However, data entered initially in this program is considered “pending," and therefore, will not be accessible in Job Cost until the project has been interfaced. Once interfaced, data entered in either PM Contracts or JC Contracts will automatically update the other.

You will typically set up a new contract for each new project, providing information on how the project is to be billed, and providing a link between project revenue (posted to the contract) and project costs (posted to the job). Each contract must have at least one item, but may have multiple items. If any part of a project is to be billed separately, it should be set up as a separate item on the contract.
  • Contracts that are automatically created - When you create a project in PM Projects, the form automatically generates a contract, assigns the project number as the contract number, and creates a single contract item with a LS (lump sum) unit of measure. Once the contract has been created, you can use this form to enter the remaining information on the contract.
    Note: Because of this auto-add feature, the length and format of your contract codes must be identical to the length and format of your job codes.
  • Contract Status - All contracts set up in this form are assigned a status of ‘Pending’. This status will not change until the contract is updated to Job Cost, at which time it changes to ‘Open’. From that point on, the status is maintained in Job Cost and cannot be edited here.
  • Contract Items - Contract items are generally used to break down a contract for billing purposes. Any piece of a contract that will be billed separately should be made a separate item. If the contract type is 'P' (Progress), the items come from the schedule of values or bid items. If the contract type is T (Time & Materials), you may only need to set up one item.
    Note: Contract items are set up using the Items tab. You can set them up directly in the grid or via the PM Contract Items form, which can be accessed by double-clicking any item in the grid or by placing focus in the grid and selecting the ‘Open Related Record in Form’ option from the Records menu.
  • Auto Update Contract Items - If you change the Department, Retainage %, Tax Code, or Default Bill Type for a contract (at the header level), upon saving the record, you will receive a message indicating the change, and asking if you want to update any existing contract items having the 'old' value with the new value. Answer Yes to save the changes to the header and update all applicable contract items (i.e. those with the same 'old' value), No to save changes to the header only.
  • Security Group - If you are implementing data level security at the contract level, you have the option to assign security groups to each contract you set up in this program. This can be very useful if you regularly set up new contracts, as it allows you to easily designate who will have access to the job without having to go to VA Data Security and set it up. For details, see Contract Security Groups.
  • Deleting Contracts - You can delete a contract in this program as long as no phases have been set up for the contract, the contract has not been interfaced to Job Cost, and/or no detail exist for the contract and its items (for example, JC, JB, and so on). If a contract is to be deleted, all existing contract items must be deleted before the contract can be deleted.
  • JB Contract Info - This tab is used to set up additional information about a contract for billing purposes. For details, see JB Contract Info Form.
  • Forecast Tab - Use this tab to set up the forecast for the contract. For details, see About Contract Forecasts.
  • Field Tickets Tab - Use this tab to create field tickets for contracts that will enable linking labor, material, and equipment costs related to specific work activity on a job, and facilitate owner billing.
    Note: You can only post costs to a field ticket set up here once you interface the contract to Job Cost (via PM Interface).

    For more information about field tickets, see JC Field Ticket Form.

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