PM Notes Form

Use the PM Notes form to enter and track project notes.

The power of project notes increases when you use them with statuses, related items, and reviewers.

Each note includes the date, time, user that created the note, and the last user to modify the note. The status automatically defaults to the “beginning status” designated in PM Company Parameters. You can change this status at any time to track the progress of the note through to its completion.

You can also link assoicated items to a project note using the Related Items feature. For example, you can link a project issue with the RFIs, meetings, PCOs, and other documents and records that relate to the issue.

Items are linked in several ways:

  • Automatically - The system automatically relates two records when one record is used to generate another. For example if you select Create > RFI in the PM Issues form, the system will automatically relate the created RFI and the project issue used to create it. The Create drop down in the PM Work Center also automatically links related records.

  • Manually in a form - You can manually create and remove item relations using the PM Related Items form. This form is launched from most forms in the PM module by clicking the drop down next to the Related Items icon and selecting Add Record Items. PM Relate Items has search functions that allow you to quickly locate records and then manually add or remove the relations.

  • Manually in the PM Work Center - You can also manually relate items using the drag and drop feature on the Related Items panel on the PM Work Center. For example if you receive an MS Outlook email about an RFI, you can open that RFI in the PM Work Center and then drag and drop the email from MS Outlook to the Related Items panel. This will add the email as an attachment and as a related item on the RFI.

    Once the items are linked, use the Related Items panel on the PM Work Center and most PM module forms to view and open the related items.

For more information about the Related Items feature, see PM Relate Items Form.

PM Notes Review