PM Project Locations Form

Use this form to create and maintain project locations.

A location can be anything from a geographical location to a physical location. You can even set up locations within locations to pinpoint specific areas. For example, you can set up several locations identifying all of the buildings on a project, and then set up additional locations identifying specific locations within each building.

Some examples of project locations could include:

Location CodeDescription
SSite Work
B1Building 1
B1-1Building 1, 1st Floor
B1-120Building 1, Room 120
B1RFBuilding 1, Roof System
SNESite, Northeast Section

It is important to note that project locations are not the same as the shipping locations and material locations referenced when buying and shipping materials for the project. Those locations are set up in the Inventory and PO modules.

Project locations are used in the following PM module forms:

  • PM Daily Logs – to indicate where the day’s activities occurred (accidents, visitor, crew activity, etc.)

  • PM Meeting Minutes – to identify where a meeting was held

  • PM Punch List – to indicate where a specific item on the punch list is located.

  • PM Projects, Locations tab - to indicate where the project is

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