Set up Job Level Security

If you are implementing data level security at the job level, you can assign security groups to projects in PM Projects. This can be very useful if you regularly create projects because it allows you to designate who should have access to the project without using VA Data Security Access .

Follow the steps below to implement this feature. You must have access to the Viewpoint Administration module

  1. Open VA Data Security Setup .
  2. Select the ‘bJob’ datatype using the Grid tab.
  3. Check the Secure Datatype box on the Info tab.
  4. Enter a security group in the Default Security Group field.
  5. Open the Secure Tables tab and check the Apply Security box next to the Job Master table (bJCJM), and any other table that should have job level security.
  6. Click the Regenerate Viewsbutton, specifying the views to generate, and clicking the Generate Views button).

    Once you have completed these steps, the Security Group input is enabled on the PM Projects form, allowing you to designate which security group will have access to information about the selected project.

    Note: It is important to note that in addition to the security group specified in JC Jobs, access to information about the selected job will also be granted to the Default Security Group you specified in VA Data Security Setup, as well as to any other security groups that have been granted access in VA Data Security Access.

    VA Data Security Setup