Link a Job from Vista to a ProjectSight Project

Create a job in Vista and a project in ProjectSight, then link the records.

You should set up phase codes and cost types in Vista before linking to a ProjectSight project, as these values automatically flow into ProjectSight when the Vista job is linked. For information about setting up job phase codes, see JC Job Phases Form.
  1. Create or update a job in Vista by going to JC Jobs.
    For more information, see JC Jobs Form.
    Note: You must assign the job to a Vista company that is already configured in your integration.
  2. Create or update a project in ProjectSight to match the job you just created in Vista.

    ProjectSight Help: For more information about creating new projects in ProjectSight, see the ProjectSight Help: Create a Project.

  3. In ProjectSight, link the project to a Vista job using Link this Project to ERP.
    Note: You can link a job in Vista to only one ProjectSight project at a time.

    ProjectSight Help: For more information about linking in ProjectSight, see the ProjectSight Help on Project Linking.

  4. After linking, you must maintain job / project data in both Vista and ProjectSight.
Note: After the JC Job is linked, prime contracts are automatically created in ProjectSight from Vista JC Contracts. However, you can't integrate prime contracts from ProjectSight into Vista.

If you delete the job in Vista, this unlinks the project in ProjectSight and removes the job from the ERP project dropdown list.

Associated fields in Vista and ProjectSight:

Vista JC Jobs Field Name ProjectSight Project Field Name
Job Number Sequence
Description Name