Send Subcontract Change Orders from ProjectSight to Vista

Create and send subcontract change orders from ProjectSight to Vista SL Change Order Entry.

  1. Create a subcontract change order in ProjectSight. The subcontract change order must have:
    • At least one item
    • Budget Code
    • Cost Applied Amount

    ProjectSight Help: For more information about creating new subcontract change orders in ProjectSight, see the ProjectSight Help: Create Subcontract Change Orders.

  2. In ProjectSight, select Send to Vista to sync the data to Vista. Only authorized users can perform this function.

    A banner displays the syncing status as pending, successful, or failed.

    ProjectSight Help: For more information about manually syncing records, see the ProjectSight Help on Record Syncing.

  3. After the subcontract change order has successfully been created in ProjectSight, you must make any modifications manually in both systems.
  4. To view the associated record in Vista, go to Subcontract Ledger > Programs > SL Change Order Entry.

If an integrated subcontract change order is deleted, you must manually delete the associated subcontract change order in the other system.