About the PM Firm Contacts Form

Use this form to create and maintain the contacts in a PM module firm, for example project managers, supervisors, foremen, subcontractor employees, owners, architects, engineers, office employees, and inspectors.

Click here for an overview of PM module firms and contacts.

You can open this form directly from the Programs folder in the PM module, or by double clicking on a contact on the Contacts tab of the PM Firms form.
  • Initialize Contacts - When creating contacts for the firm designated as ‘Our Firm’ (in PM Company Parameters), you can initialize them from employees set up in the PR Employees via the Initialize Contacts option in the File menu. Click About the PM Employee Range Form for more information.

  • Preferred Method of Correspondence - For each contact you set up, you must designate the preferred method of correspondence (Print, Email, or Fax), and make sure the corresponding information (i.e. email address or fax number) is also defined. This information is included when the contact is added to a document’s distribution list (e.g. in PM Other Documents, PM Pending Change Orders, etc.), and will be used when distributing the document or other correspondence using the Create and Send feature.

  • Distribution Icon () - Use the Distribution icon to either set up a distribution default on a project or create a distribution group.
    • Distribution Default - Use distribution defaults to define what documents a contact should by default receive when using the Create and Send feature. For example, if a contact at an architecture firm should receive a copy of all drawing logs of document type 'ARCH', use this feature to set up that contact as a default for 'ARCH' documents. When drawing logs of that type are created in PM Drawing Logs, the contact will automatically be added to the Distribution tab. When communications and documents are created using the Create and Send feature, the contact will by default be included. More

      Note: Assigning a new distribution default will not change the distribution of the current document. The new distribution default will only be applied when you create a new document (RFI, change order, etc.).
    • Distribution Group - A distribution group is a collection of contacts that you regularly group together and send correspondence to - for example a group of contacts that receive submittals. These groups can then be added to communications created using the Create and Send feature. More

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