About the PM Firms Form

Use this form to create and maintain the firms.

The firms you set up here may be owners, architects, engineers, inspectors, or government agencies. Each firm will be assigned a firm type, which are set up in PM Firm Types .

If you associate a firm with a vendor set up in AP Vendors, the system defaults the corresponding vendor information into the record.

You can automatically set up PM firms using the subcontractors and/or suppliers set up in AP Vendors or customers set up in AR Customers.

Use the Contacts Tab to set up contacts for the selected firm. You can set up contacts directly in the grid or via the PM Firm Contacts form (accessed by double-clicking any row in the grid).

Updating in AP and PM - If the Allow Add from PM and/or Allow Update from PM check boxes on the Audit Options tab of the AP Company Parameters form are selected, additions and changes made using this form will update the AP Vendors. For more information, see About Updating AP Vendors from PM Firms.