Enable/Disable the Error Correction Feature in PM

The error correction feature in the Project Management module allows you to make corrections to previously interfaced data in the PM module and then update the accounting modules using the PM Interface form.

By default all users have access to this feature. If you want to restrict which users can correct interfaced data, you can control this in the VA User Profile form. For example you can give a user access to the feature in the PM Subcontract Details form but disable the feature on the PM Material Detail form.
Note: Use this feature by selecting Tasks > Correct Item in any form it appears, namely the PM Subcontract Detail, PM Material Detail, PM PO Change Orders, and PM Subcontract Change Orders forms. Although the Correct Item option appears visible to all users, users can select this option only if they have been given access in the VA User Profile form.

To enable/disable the error correction feature for a user:

  1. From the main menu, go to Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile.
  2. In the User Name field, enter the user name to work with or press F4 to choose from a list.
  3. In the PM Error Corrections section, set each option appropriately for the selected user.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Repeat steps for each user.