Interface a New Project or Project Items

You can interface new project or project items, such as subcontracts, purchase orders, and change orders, using the PM Interface form.

If you are interfacing a new project, the project status will change from pending to active, the Job Cost module will be updated with the job information and original estimates defined on the project phases, and accounting can begin processing transactions on the project.
  1. Open the PM Interface form.
  2. Enter a project number in the Project field or press F4 to select one from a list.
  3. All of the items that are ready to be interfaced on the selected project will display in the form.
  4. Use the Item Type and Keyword fields to filter the items that display. For example if you want to interface a specific subcontract, select Subcontract in the Item Type drop down and only the subcontracts associated with the project will display in the form.
  5. Check the Interface box next to each item that should be interfaced. Only items that display in the grid and have the Interface box checked will be interfaced. You can also use the Select All and Deselect All buttons to check or uncheck the Interface box next to all of the items that display in the form.
    Note: If you select an approved change order that has attachments, the attachments will update to the Job Cost module. If you interface the change order again, the attachments will not be updated in the JC module even if they have been updated, added, or deleted in the PM module.
  6. Enter the post date and year into the Month field.
  7. Click the Validate button once all of the items that you would like to interface have been selected.
  8. Validating the data will generate the audit reports. A check will display next to each audit report generated by the validation. If a report is disabled, the report does not apply to the information being interfaced. Uncheck the box next to any report that you don't want to view and then click the Preview or Print button.
    Note: If there are errors associated with the items that are being interfaced, an error list will be created. The error list displays the missing or incorrect information and the form that should be used to correct the error.
  9. Use the audit reports to verify that the information being interfaced is correct. Click the Clear button if you want to return to the item selection. For example, if you preview the audit reports and realize that you should have included another item, click the Clear button, select the additional item, and the click the Validation button again to the regenerate the audit reports.
    Important: The audit reports are not available after the information has been interfaced, so you should print or preview them before you click the Interface button.
  10. Click the Interface button to interface the information. A message box will appear if the interface is successful.
  11. Click the Close button to close the form or repeat the steps above to interface more information.