PM Document Types Form

Use this form to create and maintain documents types.

Document types allow you to categorize the types of documents that you use in each document category. For example Field Order might be a document type of the Pending Change Order document category. This allows you to sort and filter documents on forms and reports.

Document types can also be used to do the following:

  • Group similar types of documents - for example field orders, site drawings, etc.
  • Assign default document templates - More
  • Assign distribution defaults - More

Examples of document types:

Document TypeDescriptionDocument Category
FOField OrdersPending Change Order
SHOPShop DrawingsSubmittal
CONTContract DocumentsOther Documents
POPurchase OrdersOther Documents
COMPACTCompaction TestsTest Logs
ELECTElectrical Inspection TestsInspection Logs
SITESite DrawingsDrawing Logs
STRUCTStructural DrawingsDrawing Logs

Use the Other Documents category to set up miscellaneous document types - examples include letters, subcontracts, purchase orders, contracts, blueprints, and so on.

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