PM Status IDs Form

Use this form to create and maintain PM status IDs.

Status IDs are used to track the status of change orders, submittals, RFIs, and other documents created in Project Manangement. They are also used for reporting purposes, such as creating a list of RFIs that are not flagged as "Final".

Some examples of PM status IDs are as follows:

  • PENDNG – Assigned to pending change order items that are in the process of being estimated.

  • SUBMITTED – Assigned to change order items awaiting final approval by the owner.

  • CANCEL – Assigned to change order items that have been canceled.

  • REJECT – Indicates the owner has rejected the change order item.

  • APPR – Indicates the change order has been approved by the owner, but has not yet been processed.

  • CMPLT – Indicates the change order item has been approved and processed.