About Updating AP Vendors from PM Firms

If you select the Allow Add from PM and/or Allow Update from PM check boxes on the Audit Options tab of the AP Company Parameters form, certain additions and changes made in PM Firms will update the AP Vendors.

When you create or change a firm, a message displays. Click Yes, the corresponding fields will be updated, or click No if you want to manually update the AP Vendors.

There is also an Allow Update from AP check box on the Info tab in PM Company Parameters. Select this check box if changes to AP Vendors should update PM Firms.More

Note: This only applies to firms that have a designated Vendor specified.

The following is a list of fields that are related in AP Vendors and PM Firms.

AP Vendors

PM Firms


Firm Name


AP Contact

Sort Name

Sort Name





Email Address


Internet Address


Payment Address

Mailing Address

Payment Add'l Address

Mailing Add'l Address

Payment City

Mailing City

Payment State

Mailing State

Payment Zip

Mailing Zip

Purchasing Address

Shipping Address

Purchasing Add'l Address

Shipping Add'l Address

Purchasing City

Shipping City

Purchasing State

Shipping State

Purchasing Zip

Shipping Zip