Administering VFP Settings

Use the following admin steps to set site settings and user profile information for successful integration with Viewpoint For Projects™.

  1. Admin: Use the About the VA Site Settings Form form to select the VFP enterprise that you want to integrate with Vista. This step can only be performed by someone with access to the VA module. The VFP user account selected in this form is only used to select the enterprise.
    1. Open the VA Site Settings form.
    2. In the VA Site settings form, under Viewpoint For Projects™, enter a Username and Password to access VFP.
    3. Click Select to associate Vista with a specific VFP enterprise.
    4. In the Select Enterprise form, select an option in the Enterprise field that you want to associate with PM module projects.
    5. Click OK to confirm the selected enterprise.
    6. In the VA Site Settings form, click OK to save your VFP site settings.
  2. Admin: Use the About the VA User Profile Form form to associate Vista user accounts with VFP user accounts. This allows a Vista user to send VFP invitations to the contacts on a PM module project. Note: This step can be performed only by someone with access to the VA module.
    1. Open the VA User Profile form.
    2. On the Grid tab, select a user that will be sending VFP invitations to PM module project contacts. Note: The selected user must have permissions in VA Site Settings > Viewpoint For Projects™ to send invitations.
    3. On the Project Collaboration tab, use the Username and Password fields to enter the VFP account information associated with the Vista account.
    4. Save your changes, and repeat the steps above on all users that will send VFP invitations.