Inviting Users to VFP

Viewpoint For Projects™ integration allows you to send invitations to existing PM module firm contacts, so that you can share Vista Project Management Word or PDF documents (e.g., RFIs, Change Orders, etc.) in the web-based, collaborative workspace provided by Viewpoint For Projects™.

Prior to setting up a user for Viewpoint For Projects™ integration:

  • You must have a VFP user account associated with your Vista user account (VA User Profile > Viewpoint For Projects tab> Username and Password field).

  • You can send VFP invitations only to contacts that are already associated with a Vista project.

  • Verify that the firm contacts are already set up on the PM module project using the PM Projects form (PM Projects > Firms tab).

The following instructions will guide you through user setup to associate a Vista project with a Viewpoint For Projects™ project.

  1. Open the PM Projects form.
  2. In the toolbar, select Tasks > Invite to Viewpoint for Project Collaboration.
  3. In the Invite to projects_full_tm form, highlight the appropriate contact(s) under Available Contacts.
  4. Click Add when selecting individuals to add to Contacts To Invite.
  5. Click Add All when selecting multiple contacts to add to Contacts To Invite.
  6. Click Invite once you have your list of Contacts To Invite.
  7. Viewpoint For Projects™ invitations will be mailed to each contact selected.