Publishing Documents to VFP

Publish PM Word or PDF documents to the web-based, collaborative workspace provided by Viewpoint For Projects™.

Prior to publishing documents to Viewpoint For Projects™

  • Use the Mapping Containers to VFP feature to successfully map containers to Viewpoint For Projects™. Note: Document containers must be mapped for documents prior to publishing to Viewpoint For Projects™.

  • Use the PM Assign Distribution Defaults Form feature to define what documents a contact should by default receive when using the Viewpoint For Projects™ feature.

  • Use the Assign a Project Template feature to select templates to use for publishing to Viewpoint For Projects™. Note: Distribution Templates must exist to successfully publish documents to Viewpoint For Projects™.

To publish individual documents to Viewpoint For Projects™:

  1. Open the PM form containing documents you want to share with other users via Viewpoint For Projects™.
  2. In the toolbar, select Tasks > Publish Documents to Viewpoint for Projects. (You will receive a confirmation message when you have published to Viewpoint For Projects™ successfully.)

    To bulk publish to Viewpoint For Projects™

  3. Open the PM Projects form.
  4. In the toolbar, select Tasks > Publish Documents to Viewpoint for Projects.
  5. In the PM Publish to VPC pop-up, select the appropriate document type from the Document Category pull-down list.
  6. Check the Include Previously Published Documents box if you want to include documents previously published to Viewpoint For Projects™.
  7. Click Select All to publish documents in bulk.
  8. Click Publish.