AP Credit Service Remittance Reprint Report

You can use the AP Credit Service Remittance Report to remittance advice for credit service payments that are unposted, posted, or both. Each payment starts on a new page. You can access this report by selecting Accounts Payable > Reports > AP Credit Service Remittance Report.

For this report, an unposted payment is defined as one that resides in a payment batch, and not yet in vendor payment history. Further, an unposted payment will be included in the report only if an export text file has been downloaded for the payment. Downloading the export text file assigns a paid date and CM Reference to the payment, making it ready for meaningful reporting.

A posted payment is defined as a payment that resides in vendor payment history, and no longer in a payment batch.
Report ParametersDescription


Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Vendor (Blank for All)

Press F4 to select a vendor or leave the field blank to return all vendors.

(P)osted, (U)nposted, (A)ll

Enter P for all posted payments, U for unposted payments, or A all payments.

Beginning Month

Enter or select the applicable beginning month.

Ending Month

Enter or select the applicable ending month.