AP EFT Remittance Reprint Report

You can use the AP EFT Remittance report to reprint a remittance advice for EFT remittances that are unposted, posted, or both. The report prints a new page per payment sequence. You can access this report by selecting Accounts Payable > Reports > AP EFT Remittance Reprint.

For this report, an unposted payment is defined as one that resides in a payment batch, and not yet in vendor payment history. Further, unposted payments display in the report only if a download file has been initialized for the payment. Initializing the download file assigns a paid date and CM Reference to the payment, making it ready for meaningful reporting.

A posted payment is defined as a payment that resides in vendor payment history, and no longer in a payment batch.
Report ParametersDescription


Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Vendor (Blank for All)

Press F4 to select a vendor or leave the field blank to return all vendors.

(P)osted, (U)nposted, (A)ll

Enter P for all posted payments, U for unposted payments, or A all payments.

Beginning Month

Enter or select the applicable beginning month.

Ending Month

Enter or select the applicable ending month.