AP Retainage Summary Report

You can use the AP Retainage Summary report to display retainage information by job. You can access this report by selecting Accounts Payable > Reports > AP Retainage Summary.

This report is sorted by vendor within job and includes each invoice where retainage has been held using the AP Company Parameters Retainage Pay Type. The report can be run through a specified month and will include invoices expensed through that month. Paid retainage will also be reported if paid by month input and if unpaid retainage only is requested, transactions where retainage has been paid in full by that month will not be included. If a transaction is included in the report, whether it appears in the held or released columns will be based on the current status since the date or month released is not stored.

This report may be used to make manual adjustments to GL accounts since the release of retainage does not affect the retainage accounts.
Report ParametersDescription


Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Beginning JCCo

Press F4 to select the beginning JC company.

Ending JCCo

Press F4 to select ending JC company.

Beginning Job

Press F4 to select beginning job.

Ending Job

Press F4 to select ending job.

Through Month

Enter or select the month that you want to report through.

Unpaid Retainage Only?

Select the check box to display only unpaid retainage amounts.