AP Tax Report

You can use the AP Tax Report to print sales and use tax information from AP transactions. You can access this report by selecting Accounts Payable > Reports > AP Tax Report.

This report includes the tax basis entered on each invoice, the posted tax amount, the tax rate, and a calculated tax of basis x rate. Since the AP system does not store tax amount for each portion of the multi-level tax codes, the Posted Tax Amount is informational only and the combined amount will appear with each portion of a multi-level code. The Basis x rate will show how much the tax should be. The rate is based on effective date for the current and a single previous rate. The report may be printed at the AP transaction or line level and may include sales tax, use tax, or both.
Report ParametersDescription


Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Beginning Tax Code

Press F4 to select a tax code to begin sorting by.

Ending Tax Code

Press F4 to select a tax code to end sorting by.

Tax Type to include: (S)ales, (U)se, (B)oth

Enter S to include sales tax amounts, enter U to include use tax amounts, or enter B to include both types of tax amounts.

Beginning Month

Enter or select the applicable beginning month.

Ending Month

Enter or select the applicable ending month.

Beginning Vendor

Press F4 to select the beginning vendor number for sorting.

Ending Vendor

Press F4 to select the ending vendor number for sorting.

New Page For Each Base Tax Code?

Check this box to have each tax code print on a new page.

Show Line Level Details

Check this box to display line level details on the report.