Accounts Payable United States-Specific Reports

There are Accounts Payable reports that are only available to companies operating in the United States.

The following table displays a list of all AP United States-specific reports, along with a description and how often you should run each report. Click on a link to get additional information on the report.



When Run (Typically)

AP 1099 ReportList of Vendors and Amounts that will print on 1099 forms.Annually
AP 1099 TotalsA list by Vendor, 1099 Type, Box # and AmountAnnually
AP 1099 Types ReportA list of 1099 TypesAnnually
AP 1099 Vendors Less than Minimum ReportList of Vendors and transactionsAnnually
AP Independent Contractors ReportReport based on CA EDD 542 Independent Contractor ReportingAs needed