Headquarters General Reports

General reports in the Headquarters (HQ) module refer to reports that are available to all geographic areas.

The following table displays a list of all HQ general reports, along with a description and how often you should run each report. Click on a link to get additional information on the report.

TitleDescriptionWhen Run (Typically)
Company Interface SettingsDisplays Company Interface Settings.As needed
HQ Audit DetailList of changes recorded when Auditing is on.As needed
HQ Batch Control Attachment DrilldownDisplays HQ Batch Control Attachment Drilldown.As needed
HQ BatchesDisplays HQ Batches.As needed
HQ CompaniesDisplays HQ Companies.As needed
HQ Compliance CodesDisplays HQ Compliance Codes.As needed
HQ Compliance GroupsList of the Compliance Groups.As needed
HQ Compliance Groups/CodesDisplays HQ Compliance Groups/Codes.As needed
HQ Earning TypesDisplays HQ Earning Types.As needed
HQ Frequency CodesDisplays HQ Frequency Codes.As needed
HQ GroupsA list of HQ Groups.As needed
HQ Hold CodesDisplays HQ Hold Codes.As needed
HQ Implementation Record CountsDisplays HQ Implementation Record Counts.As needed
HQ Insurance CodesDisplays HQ Insurance Codes.As needed
HQ Job State/Resident StateDisplays HQ Job State/Resident State.As needed
HQ Liability TypesDisplays HQ Liability Types.As needed
HQ Material CategoriesDisplays HQ Material Categories.As needed
HQ Material U/M ConversionsDisplays HQ Material U/M Conversions.As needed
HQ MaterialsDisplays HQ Materials.As needed
HQ Payment TermsDisplays HQ Payment Terms.As needed
HQ Reviewer GroupsPrints list of HQ Reviewer Groups and member reviewers, including active or inactive status.As needed
HQ ReviewersPrints list of HQ Reviewers, including active or inactive status.As needed
HQ Roles ListDisplays HQ Roles List.As needed
HQ Standard NotesHQ Standard Notes program.As needed
HQ States ListDisplays HQ States List.As needed
HQ Tax CodesDisplays HQ Tax Codes.As needed
HQ Tax GroupsDisplays HQ Tax Groups.As needed
HQ Unit of Measure ListDisplays HQ Unit of Measure List.As needed