HR Driver’s License Information

You can use the HR Driver’s License Information report for a listing of driver's license information by selecting Human Resources > Reports > HR Driver’s License Information.

This report provides a listing of driver's license information; payroll company, payroll employee number, name, license number, license type, state, expiration date, and whether the HR reference is authorized to operate company vehicles. This may be run for a selected HR company or all companies. It can be printed in expiration date order and for a selected range or can be printed in alphabetical order by a selected resource range. HRRM. Driver's license endorsement info can also be printed.

Report Parameters



Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Select Expire (D)ate or (N)ame Order

Enter D or N.

Signed (your name) Enter your name.
Include Inactive?

checkbox to include inactive resources.

Print Endorsement Info?

Check box to print license endorsement information.