HR Federal Contractor VETS-4212

You can use the Federal Contractor VETS-4212 report to export data for the VETS-4212 e-file. Access this report by selecting Human Resources > Reports > HR Federal Contractor VETS-4212.

Use this report to create an e-file for reporting to a government agency.

  1. Enter values in all input fields.
  2. Clear the Print Column Headers check box.
  3. Select Preview to launch the report viewer.
  4. Select Export ().
  5. From the Export screen, select Character Separated Values (CSV).
  6. Click Export and save your file.

The resulting CSV is your VETS-4212 e-file, formatted appropriately for electronic submission through the VETS web-based filing system.

Report ParametersDescription
HR CompanyAccept the default or enter the HR company. Press F4 to select from a list of valid HR companies.
PR CompanyAccept the default or enter the PR company. Press F4 to select from a list of valid PR companies.
Reporting Period End Date (in Jul or Aug)Enter the reporting period end date. Must be a date in July or August of the reporting year.
VETS-assigned Company NumberEnter the VETS-assigned company.
(P)rime Contractor, (S)ubcontractor, or (B)othSelect P to include only prime contractors, S to include only subcontractors, or B to include both prime contractors and subcontractors.
Company CountyEnter the county in which the reporting company resides.
Contact NameEnter the name of the person to contact regarding this report.
Contact PhoneEnter the contact's phone number.
Contact EmailEnter the contact's email address.
Print Column HeadersLeave this check box unselected when exporting this report.

If you are only previewing the report, you can select this check box to show column headers.

The following example of this report shows only a portion of the report, as the report is meant for exporting only and is too wide to show in its entirety.