HR MSHA 7000-1

You can use the HR MSHA 7000-1 report by selecting Human Resources > Reports > HR MSHA 7000-1.

MSHA 7000-1 report. Most of the report can be completed from fields in the database, however, a few sections require some user action on the report to totally complete the form. Sections 1, 5 and 23 require the user to circle some information and sections 18 and 19 require check marks if needed.

Report Parameters



Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Accident (Required)

Click the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the accident ID.

Sequence (Required) Click the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the sequence.
Contractor ID Enter contractor ID.
Name of Investigator Enter name of investigator.
Date Investigation Started Enter date investigation started
Permanently Transferred or Terminated? Check box to have the permanently transferred or terminated box on form checked.
Date Returned to Work Enter return to work date.
Person Completing Forms Enter name of person completing form.
Person’s Title completing the form Enter title of person completing the form.
Date of this Report Enter date of this report.

Phone Number with Area Code

Enter phone number with area code.