JC Contract Status Report

You can use the JC Contract Status Report report by selecting Job Cost > Reports > JC Contract Status Report.

Report that sorts and prints one page by contract. Significant calculations printed on the report include Estimated Gross Profit, Earned Revenue, Over/Under Billings, Paid to Date, and Net Cash Flow. Paid to Date is calculated as the Total Actual Costs minus Open Payables. The ProjectedOrEstimated formula, used as the basis for % Complete, will total the projected cost for all phases/cost types assigned to a contract item if at least one phase assigned to that item has a projected amount. Otherwise, the formula will total the current estimated cost for an item when none of the assigned phases have projected costs. Therefore, the final result of the ProjectedOrEstimated formula may include total projected costs for some items and current estimated costs for other items. A Cost Type summary for each contract prints estimated, actual, and projected costs.

Report Parameters



Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Beginning Contract

Select the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the beginning contract.

Ending Contract

Select the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the ending contract.

Through Month

Enter through month (MM/YY).

(O)pen, (C)losed or (A)ll

Enter O, C, or A.

If Closed Jobs Only: Beginning Closed Month Ending Closed Month

Enter beginning closed month (MM/YY)

Enter ending closed month (MM/YY)