PreConstruction Reports

The PreConstruction (PC) module improves your pre-construction processes, enhances project team efficiencies, and provides transparency in the project design, build, and bidding process.

The following table displays all PreConstruction reports, along with a description and how often you should run each report. Click on a link to get additional information on the report.



When Run (Typically)

PC Bid Analysis

Displays PC Bid Analysis.

As needed

PC Bid Coverage

Displays PC Bid Coverage.

As needed

PC Bid Swing

Displays PC Bid Swing.

As needed

PC Bid Tracking

Displays PC Bid Tracking.

As needed

PC MWBE Contract Awards / Spend

Displays PC MWBE Contract Awards / Spend.

As needed

PC Pre-Qualification Report

Displays PC Pre-Qualification Report.

As needed

PC Subcontractor Risk Report

Displays PC Subcontractor Risk Report.

As needed

PC Subcontractor Selection

Displays PC Subcontractor Selection.

As needed

PC Win / Loss Bid Activity

Displays PC Win/ Loss Bid Activity.

As needed