PO Receiving Accrual GL Reconciliation

You can use the PO Receiving Accrual GL Reconciliation report by selecting Purchase Order > Reports > PO Receiving Accrual GL Reconciliation.

This report will print by PO Item, the received units, invoiced units, received cost and invoiced cost when either the received units or cost doesn't equal the invoiced units or cost. It will run through a given month. It is also restricted to only include PO Items that have the receiving check box checked. This report is designed to be used for monthly reconciliation of the PO receiving accrual account. The Exclude Closed POs input will allow the exclusion of POs that have been closed and any adjustments for those POs has been made to the GL account.

Report Parameters



Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Through Month

Enter through month (MM/YY).

Exclude Closed POs?

Check box to exclude closed purchase orders.

If Closed, Month greater than

If excluding closed purchase orders, enter month (MM/YY) for purchase order closed.