VA System Users

You can use the VA System Users report by selecting Viewpoint Administration > Reports > VA System Users.

This report may be printed in summary which will list the users, user login, email address, and phone number. The Detail option will print the entire user's profile as set up in the VA System Users program.

Report ParametersDescription
User Name (blank for all)Enter the user name or press F4 to select from a list of users.
Status: (A)ctive, (I)nactive (blank for all)Select A to show only active users or I to show only inactive users.

Leave this field blank to show all users, regardless of their status.

License Type: (O)ffice, (P)M (blank for all)Select O to show only users with an Office license or P to show only users with a PM license.

Leave this field blank to show all users, regardless of their license type.

Format: (S)ummary or (D)etailEnter S to run report in Summary format or D to run report in Detail format.
Note: If you elect to leave the Status and/or License Type parameters blank, it is suggested that you run the report in Detail format so that you can identify the status and license type for each user. The Summary format does not include User Status and License Type fields, so it is better suited for running the report with both a Status and License Type selected.
Summary Format
Detail Format