Workflow Reports

The Workflow module has three basic components:

  • Process Workflows - Process Workflows force documents that meet a defined criteria to follow a specific approval/review process.
  • Checklists - A checklist is a list of tasks that need to be performed to complete a workflow
  • Notifier – A notifier handles the automated email notifications generated by the Process Workflow and Checklists features, and it can be used to create your own notifications.



When Run (Typically)

WF Approval Process Details

Displays WF Approval Process Details.

As needed

WF Checklists

Displays WF Checklists.

As needed

WF Documents Outstanding

Displays WF Documents Outstanding.

As needed

WF Notifier Job Manager Report

Display of Notifier Jobs

As needed

WF Notifier Queries Report

List of Notifier Query Detail

As needed

WF Templates

Displays WF Templates.

As needed

WF User Tasks

Displays WF User Tasks.

As needed