WF Checklists

You can use the WF Checklists report to list Workflow checklists and their associated tasks and steps by selecting Workflow > Reports > WF Checklists.

Active checklists will be listed by default in the associated lookup and an option allows for all checklists to be selected. When selecting a checklist from the "WF Checklists (All)" list, check the "Include Final Status" option to ensure the checklists are retrieved. Checklists marked as private will be included in the report.

Checklists may be in one of three statuses (New, In Progress, and Final). Only checklists in the New or In Progress statuses will be displayed unless the "Include Final Status" option is selected.

The associated steps in the checklist may be excluded by de-selecting the "Include Task Steps".

When selected, "Include Header Note" will display notes at the checklist level on the first page only and it may have specific instructions for the checklist. The "Include Task/Step Notes" option will display all notes at the task and step level.

Report Parameters



Accept the default, or press F4 to select a company.

Beginning Checklist

Click the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the beginning checklist.

Ending Checklist

Click the Field Lookup button or press F4 to select the ending checklist.

Beginning Due Date

Enter the beginning due date.

Ending Due Date

Enter the ending due date.

Include Final Status

Check box to include final status.

Include Task Steps

Check box to include task steps.

Include Header Note

Check box to include header note.

Include Task/Step Notes

Check box to include task/step notes.

Include Detail

Check box to include details.