SM Dispatch Scopes On Hold Form

Use the SM Dispatch Scopes On Hold form to place single-scope work orders on hold.

You can access this form using either of the following methods:
  • In the SM Dispatch Board form, right-click on a single-scope work order and select Place on Hold.

  • In the SM Work Orders form, select the work order scope and then from the Scope Status drop-down, select Place on Hold.

You can use this feature to place work orders on hold for any reason (such as waiting for parts, customer not available, or waiting for another task to be done). Placing a work order on hold does not prevent you from entering or billing work completed, entering purchase orders, or adding new scopes or trips. However, creating a trip for a work order that is on hold triggers a message asking if you want to remove the holds from the work order. If you select Yes, the hold is removed and the trip created. If you select No, the trip is still created, but the scope remains on hold.

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