SM Dispatch Technician Sorting Form

Use the SM Dispatch Technician Sorting form to define the order in which technicians appear on a selected Dispatch Board.

You can define a sort order for technicians that enables dispatchers to quickly locate technicians for work order/trip assignments. You can easily select and move technicians to the desired order and then save your changes so they appear in the preferred order on the Dispatch Board.

You can select an individual technician to move or select multiple technicians using the Shift key for consecutive selection or the Ctrl key for random selection. Once you select the technician(s) to move, use the movement buttons (Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down, or Move to Bottom) to move the technicians to the desired location in the list.

During the sort process, you can perform any of the following three actions:

  • Reset – to reset the order of technicians to the default of Last Name, First Name order
  • Cancel – to cancel changes made to the order of technicians so the new order is not implemented
  • Save – to save the changes made to the order of technicians, so that they appear in this preferred order on the Dispatch Board.