SM Technician Unavailable Time Form

Use the SM Technician Unavailable Time form to set up unavailable time events for a technician.

Access this form by right-clicking on a technician/date block on the SM Dispatch Board and selecting Set Unavailable Time....

You will typically use this form to identify any time during a scheduled or non-scheduled work day that the technician is unavailable for trips (for example, doctor appointments, working on a job site, and so on). For each event that you set up, you specify a description, event date, and the amount of time the technician will be unavailable. Once you set up an event and save it, the system places an icon on the dispatch board for the technician/date. Hovering over the icon allows you to quickly see the duration and reason of the event. If no description is provided for the event, the system displays the event as "Unavailable".

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Set Unavailable Time for a Technician